The Coronado Artiste

By Kimberley Graham
Meet Peter Hall, the “Coronado Artiste”.  He is a local artist whose passion is painting watercolors.  Many Coronadans as well as the flocks of tourists who don our shores are familiar with this talented man as he has been a staple to the community for decades.  Besides being a noted watercolorist, Peter Hall, spent many years as a caricaturist at our Ferry Landing, painting whimsical, lifelike portraits of passers-by, community members, their beloved pets, and their children.  In fact, in Mr. Hall’s words, “People come back after years. Sometimes they come back with their kids, whose caricatures I did when they were two or three, and now they are teenagers.  They come back to say hello.”

The Coronado Artiste is a proud man and has been dedicated to his craft all of his life.  He has taught the art of painting, lived in Paris where he painted and studied the great impressionists and watercolorists, also spent much time living on the East Coast where he captured beautiful, realistic interpretations of wildlife, homes, and nature scenes.  The paintings are so realistic, they look as if they are photographs.  To see his life’s collection of works is truly an honor and fills the witness with true credibility for his intense pride.

Peter has struggled with serious health issues over the years, yet he still steadies forward forever persevering for his passion.  We should all be so lucky to enjoy this type of zeal and enthusiasm in life.  Recently, after undergoing surgery, he painted a gorgeous portrait of our beloved Frankie dog.  My “healing dog”, Frankie, went missing a couple of months ago.  We searched high and low for him with a huge poster campaign for a month only to find out that he had been struck by a car and killed a couple of blocks from our home the same day he went missing.  Frankie nursed me through my ordeal with breast cancer never leaving my side while I went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well as two surgeries.  Our family promised to never forget him and Peter Hall made that promise a reality in his stunning interpretation.  His attention to detail is pure in his portrayals of people’s pets.  Every hair, whisker, and hue is represented.  We will always be grateful to his generosity of spirit with his gift of our Frankie’s portrait.

Peter Hall’s future plans include paying close attention to his serious work which is watercolors.  He submits his work in local exhibitions and is a noted artist for the San Diego Watercolor Society at Liberty Station, where he tries to exhibit every month.  He does many commissions with a focus on people’s pets.  He likes to refer to this side of his business as “Dogs’ Rule” and much of his watercolor work is focused on flowers as well as nature scenes.  The artist’s paintings of the Hotel Del Coronado are vividly brilliant.

The commissioned work has included watercolors of the Hotel Del Coronado, the ferry boats, the view of downtown San Diego from Coronado, flowers, and nature.  Of course, the pets and caricatures are truly part of his forte.Among the notable artists who have been influential in Mr. Hall’s developed talents include the American watercolorists:  Winslow Homer, Don Kingman, Andrew Wyeth with William Preston being a tremendous influence on his work.

Mr. Hall still does the caricatures by mail.  You can send photographs of yourself and family or pets to:

Peter Hall 1226 9th Street, Apt. 6, Coronado, CA  92118 (619) 435-8992

The best time to reach Mr. Hall is in the evenings as he enjoys spending his days out and about in our lovely kingdom by the sea.  His friendliness is contagious.  Peter likes to sit down at the Ferry Landing where he meets and greets not only our citizens but the array of travelers who marvel at the beauty of our town.

The Coronado Artiste is an institution.  He is truly a part of our community and a self-proclaimed “mayor”.  Beyond doubt, we are lucky to have Peter Hall in our midst.

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12 Responses to The Coronado Artiste

  1. alan says:

    Mr. Graham,
    It was a pleasure running into you this morning at Claytons.
    We love your website; informative, warm hearted and delightful!
    Please let us know if you happen to post the video you took of us this morning. We got a real kick out of running into someone else who shares the same love and compassion for mankinds best friend.
    Thanks so much for what you do…
    Say & Kevin (aka 3.5)

  2. alan says:

    Thank you Say and Kevin. We look forward to doing an interview with you and your best friend/healing dog for the next edition of the Coronado Clarion.

    Kimberley Graham

  3. Terre Cordell Montunnas says:

    Actually, I stumbled across this searching for my highschool girlfriend, Kim Dill. Thought she did the article. Anyone know where she might be?

  4. Cynthia Molburg says:

    Hi Peter!

    It’s been a long time, but in a discussion with my daughter Sherry, we brought up your web page. Dick is gone, but the rest of the family is fine, including Debbie who ran the Iditarod Trail Race at age 64 in 2008 and finished. I sold Team & Trail when Dick was no longer able to carry on the business end of the rag in 2005, but now it has gone out of print after a brief run with its new owners. I should have buried the press, et al. and marked it with the legend, “Team & Trail lies here.” I miss it.

  5. Bretton G Weeks says:

    Peter Hall was my art teacher back in the 1960’s in Meredith,NH Its was great seeing this site and feature on him. Id sure like to reconnect after all these years.His works in the local area and talent was Loved by all..

  6. nee Kay Miller says:

    We are a long ways from 1962 in Ogunquit. Would be interesting to reconnect. I study and paint in watercolor too.

  7. Stephen York says:

    Peter Hall was my art teacher at the Inter-Lakes High School in Meredith, New Hampshire in the 1960’s. He also had an art studio/gallery in the town.

    It is great to see a picture of him again and to know that he is still an active artist.

    Stephen York, I-LHS class of 1971
    (Now residing in Stonington, Maine).

  8. Lorraine Amsden Blaney says:

    Peter Hall was my art teacher at Inter Lakes High
    School. Always loved his class.

  9. Lois Amsden Currier says:

    Lois Amsden Currier says: I also had Peter Hall as my art teacher at Inter-Lakes High School in the 1960’s. I had the privilege of going to Paris, France with him and my French teacher(Juanita Kimball? his wife) in April of 1969. What fond memories!

  10. Marie Valliere says:

    Peter Hall was my art teacher at Inter-Lakes Jr./Sr. High School in Meredith, New Hampshire. Our living room wall has a characture of each family member and spouse done in the early 70’s.I spent lots of time in the art room while he was there. He taught me a lot as well as writing me a pass to roam the halls.Good memories.

  11. Sally Little Washington says:

    Peter Hall was my art teacher Interlakes High School in the late 1960s. I liked himso much. He inspired and encoouraged me. Recently I found something that I created while taking his class and I framed it and gave it to a friend. I thought if Mr. Hall with fondness.

    Sally Little Washington
    ILHS Classic of 1972

  12. alan says:

    Peter Hall would like to thank all of his former students for posting such glowing reports of his tutelage and kindness. Peter is not an internet person, so he does not see your comments. However, he promises to take a look at your posts and once again he thanks you for remembering him in so many nice ways.

    Al. Graham (Editor.)

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