Original Members: Joey Harris: guitar, vocals
Paul Kamanski: guitar
Caren Campbell-Kamanski: vocals

SPECIAL NOTE: ROCK TRIO (Joey, Paul & Caren Kamanski) will be performing at McP’s Irish Pub once a month starting May 29th on the patio from 4 to 7 p.m.

For more information and entertainment on these featured bands as well as other great bands of Coronado’s Past, Present, and Future, visit Dean Atkinson’s website at:

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  1. Shelly VanBuren says:

    My Father, CAPT. USN, Retired: The Navy issue of the Clarion was very interesting, put together very well, professional writing at its best as I enjoyed many of the articles on the various individuals, some I personally knew and others I knew of, but not personally. I read the Clarion from front to back in no time and the magazine held my interest accordingly.

    Clarion Naval Issue: I enjoyed the Navy issue immensely, some of the articles brought back many fond memories as being “a Navy brat”, moving every two years, and attending many, many different schools, thus establishing new and renewed relationships throughout my father’s long Naval career. The magazine held my attention, was an easy and interesting read related to the various aspects of Naval history and those individuals associated with the different services (Navy, Army, Marines). I also passed the issue on to my father, retired Naval Captain, who also enjoyed the Clarion issue immensely, professional writing at its best!

    Clarion Rock & Roll Issue: I found this issue very enlightening, interesting, and full of history in regards to how many great bands came out of Coronado. Just looking at the names and pictures brought back many fond memories living in Coronado and actually seeing and hearing the many different bands as the Clarion walked you through each era of nostalgia. As usual the articles peaked my interest and before long, I had finished the entire Rock & Roll issue, wanting more so to speak and wondering, what is next! Stay tuned . . .

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