The notoriously difficult California Bar Exam is not for the faint of heart, So, when I ran into Leroy Bobbit an attorney practicing law in Huntington Beach California I was flummoxed that such a stupid person could have made it past the bar.

However he is licensed to practice but that is precisely what he is doing “Practicing” and not very well at that.

He has a client  Floyd Bocox who is engaged in wholesale slander and reckless disregard for the law is also a most stupid person.

He uses Bobbit’s name as a cudgel to threaten and intimidate with the full knowledge of Bobbit.

Bobbit refuses to acknowledge that his client has done anything against the law and further refuses to respond to my request to talk with his client in this regard.

I have filed a complaint with the California Bar association and will take legal action against him with the hopes that his license will be revoked for misconduct.

I have met some stupid people and stupid attorneys but this lunatic takes the cake.

If you should have occasion to run into this fool, do not retain him or even ask for advice because it will be to your detriment.


Editor: Coronado Clarion



Dear Mr. Bobbit:
I am following up on our phone conference concerning your client Floyd Bocox.
Bocox is making libelous statements about me online, in a book, and a movie script*.
I urge you to do due diligence by investigating his claims and actions about me before you continue to represent him.
By proxy, he threatens me with legal action claiming that you represent him in this matter. This is nothing short of extortion,  So, it is incumbent on you to set the record straight Bocox is making threats in your name and  it is your responsibility to make clear that you are not part of this reckless and false narrative. 
I look forward to hearing from you ASAP regarding this matter.

Attorney Profile


Leroy Bobbitt #46547

License Status: Active

Address: Bobbitt & Roberts, 400 Corporate Pointe Ste 300, Culver City, CA 90230-7620

Phone: 424-750-3073  |  Fax: 424-750-3074

Email:  |  Website: Not Available

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