When Ray Manzarek died so did The Doors.

After Jim died,  Ray Manzarek kept touring as the Doors and he did so up until shortly before he passed away.

The concerts were always sub standard of course and no matter who was used as the front man the old fire remained elusive.

Manzarek’s Vox organ and Kreiger’s Gibson guitar were all that remained throughout the years, and if you closed your eyes the sweet echo of the glory days could still be heard.

It was also a grotesque carnival at times with each new and utterly ill fitted replacement for Jim Morrison, and instead of a reunion with those Halcyon days, it was more like a perpetually bad acid trip.

The day the music (Manzarek ) died was for me, very sad, because it was Manzarek alone who kept the spirit of the music alive, and even through the worst of shows there was always the faint echo of Jim’s presence.

Now like some new wine comes ‘Other Sides Of The Doors’ a tribute band out of Turin Italy.  Headed by Fabio Cubisino who has the same cheeky playful spirit of the young Jim Morrison they are a cool representation of the legendary Doors.

So, when I thought I would never hear the music again live, I am happily surprised to announce that ‘Other Sides Of The Doors’ is alive and well and now I can say….

The Doors Will Never Die!

Alan Graham



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