In Loving Memory of  Mary Lou Staight.


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2 Responses to OBITUARY

  1. Brian Lawson says:

    My family is so sad regarding the passing of Mary Lou. She took care of our daughter (for 2 years) and was taking care of our son (the past 1.5 years) and we considered her apart of our family. We feel her loss deeply. Mary Lou was a wonderful person and she will be sorely missed by us and others I’m sure.

  2. Marsha Anderson says:

    We met almost exactly one year ago when Mary Lou purchased a Hotel del Coronado plate from me through Ebay. Our friendship began with a love of collecting. Have you ever seen her tap dance? Her joy, sense of humor and wonderful, appreciative laugh were contagious. She was a generous and dear friend. I have a hard time believing that she is gone so soon.

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