Original Members: Nanson (Chops): drums (first band); Dave Kruger: baritone sax (first band); Gary Hawthorne: organ, guitar; Gary Cobbs: tenor sax; Pat Romero: alto Sax; Dale: guitar; Lee Barnes: guitar; J.W. Langham: bass; Buddy Brown: trumpet; Mike Fay: trumpet; Rene Martinez: trumpet; Leonard Snowden: vocals; Dave Johnson: vocals; Dorothy Williams: vocals; Little Eddie Gross: vocals;

Nanson “Chops” Hwa writes: “In junior and senior high, I was one of the founding members of a band called the “Nobles”. We started with two guitars and drums playing music at junior and senior high school dances (Ventures and Duane Eddie). With changes in popular music, we began playing other forms of rock, r&b, jazz, and old-time favorites. The Nobles quickly became one of the best bands in San Diego during the Sixties. In 1965, the Annual Auto Show held a Battle of the Bands at the Community Concourse in downtown San Diego. Seventy bands throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties participated. The Nobles took 1st place playing songs by the Supremes, and James Brown, and Ray Charles. Prizes consisted of cash awards, a trophy, and a sense of joy.”

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3 Responses to THE NOBLES

  1. Bud Brown says:

    As a member of the Nobles I am proud to say that playing with this group was one of the best experiences of my musical life. These people are some of the best I have ever worked with in music and in my opinion a great band who’s legacy should never be forgotten.

  2. Stormcock says:

    What happened to Eddie Gross? Is he still in Dan Diego. I know he cut an album in Jamaica in 1972 / 73 but after that the trail goes cold.

  3. Dave Conway says:

    Hi all. Looking for info on Eddie Gross. He sang with the Pinkertones in the 60’s. An Eddie B Gross died in San Diego in 2014. Is this the same Eddie? The tribute in the local paper made no reference to his musical talent yet I suspect this is the Little Eddie Gross of The Nobles.

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