Coronado Parade

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  1. John Monte says:

    Growing up my father always had a couple of cameras going off to capture our adventures – including a Polaroid camera where once the shot was snapped you pulled the picture right out of the camera itself then flapped it up and down in the air as the picture developed within a couple of minutes. Always a thrill as a kid to get to do that…
    When I became an adult I added to the populace by 7 and I too was ‘have camera – will travel’ and I always thought that Kodak should have sent me stock in their company given the thousands of dollars of my disposable income I parted with over the years. Hey a guy can dream can’t he??
    But here with this ‘Coronado Parade’ gallery show I say to you ‘Al Graham is genius’! Al is testament to, and living proof that the best photos to take are those taken ‘without pose’…in other words, natural. Al captured the spirit of July 4th in it’s entirety. While viewing the gallery one absolutely gets the full sensation of what this annual event is all about. The emotion will begin to rise as you see this event through Al’s lens…it is quite a wonderful view or a wonderful time, in a wonderful magical place on earth. Thank you Al…for creating that which we can hold onto and view every day of our lives until the next one. JM

  2. Tom Harris says:

    Great Pictures!

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