Prepare yourselves for some teary paw-spiration.

The founder of animal rescue organization Hope for Paws, illustrates the heart-wrenching rescue story of Woody, an abandoned poodle.

When Woody’s owner died, the family sold the house and left him outside on the doorstep to fend for himself. For more than a year, the poor pup waited under a nearby shed hoping his owner would 

When Hagar finally found Woody, the dog’s spirit was completely shattered — he refused to eat and needed an IV to gain enough nourishment for him to survive.

But here, the story turns around. With a little time and affection, Woody got a makeover, returned to health and learned to love again.

Currently, Woody is being fostered by Hagar’s friend Lisa Charelli, but, ultimately, needs a permanent home. And who could say no to this face?






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