Jess Finn has produced two loony UFO projects in the past,  one with the enthralling title of  “Strange September” and has now sets his sights on a third in the same genre. Unfortunately UFO credentials, such as they are, are useless here because the project is not about aliens.


The title says it all “THE UNAUTHORIZED DOCUMENTARY” and judging by the last two years effort plus the $50.000 raised on Kick Start, those who thought that a finished product would ever be produced will be sadly disappointed.

A glaring example of the level of amateurism in this venture, is the cheesy, photoshopped, photo of Jim (above).

Finn the producer is still trying to make people believe that he is working hard and that the reason it is “not quite finished yet is, “because  it keeps expanding”, sure it does, and so does the universe.

So far the footage he shows as a promo is truly awful, and as it promises to tell the “Good side of Jim” all it does is show a bunch of old, crusty, ugly people sharing their memories of Jim before he was famous. Finn takes it all as gospel and instead of portraying the nice side of Jim, it paints an ugly and spiteful portrait instead.

The interview with Andy Morrison is gruesome because he is drunk and bitter in his memories of Jim. This is followed by a buck toothed, foul mouthed, Sea Hag who claims to have been one of Jim’s “true loves” instead of a one night stand groupie blow-job vendor.

There is little chance of anyone who invested in the project ever seeing a return, but this does not stop Finn from keeping the bullshit flowing and promising that they will. His latest claim to fame is that he may write a book about his experiences which is a sure give away that the documentary will ever see the light of day.

So, If you are thinking about throwing your money down the drain with the others…..


Legal Action.

I know people who have invested in this production thinking that it was a bona fide project, but they will never see a return or a finished product.

I am currently gathering others who have invested and are interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Finn and his wife for fraud.

Please contact me if you have been a victim of this scam.





Al Graham

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