Mission Statement

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Our mission is to create a strong community newspaper-magazine which will enrich the lives of Coronado residents.

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  1. Scott Burton says:


    Outstanding! Thank you for taking me on a 7 hour tour back to my Coronado roots. Great job. I thoroughly enjoyed


  2. Robert Sanchez says:

    …enrich the lives of Coronado residents ‘past, present and future.’be

  3. David Rahill says:

    Emailed to CHP: : http://www.chp.ca.gov/prog/emailCCP.cgi

    This incident took place at the Coronado – San Diego Bridge on June 20, 2012, approx 6p-12midnight. I don’t know which Division you call that. The chart you provide is not clear.

    My complaint is: the CHP closed the Coronado – San Diego Bridge for about 6 hours for a jumper.

    It’s not right for you to value one life to the jeopardy of so many others. I don’t know the stories of most of the people in the cars turned away from crossing the bridge during that time span. So I will just cite one example of why you should change the policy to a maximum closure of 10 minutes for jumpers. The Coronado Sharp Hospital, where I am a Volunteer, is not equipped to handle all emergencies. They send some emergency patients to San Diego hospitals, over the bridge. These patients probably want to live. The jumper does not. Why would you jeopardize the lives of those who want to live over one who does not? Everyone is going to die sometime. Is the temporary extension of one life who does not want to live more dear than the temporary extension of possibly many others who do want to live? Remember this is only one example. I won’t get lengthy about the incredible loss of time, money, credibility, good will, etc, that the CHP is wasting … and not only their own, but that of the voting public, let alone that of the Navy.