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ST. PAUL, Minn. — The co-author of “American Sniper” testified Thursday that former U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle did not want to name former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura as the man Kyle allegedly punched in a California bar in 2006.
Jim DeFelice testified as part of Ventura’s defamation lawsuit against the estate of Kyle, who was killed in Texas last year.
One of Ventura’s attorneys asked DeFelice why he did not contact Ventura about the section describing the bar fight when he was researching the book, the Star Tribune reported.
“It was not Jesse’s book,” DeFelice responded.
In his 2012 book, Kyle wrote that he punched a man he called “Scruff Face.” Kyle later identified the man as Ventura, also a former SEAL.
Ventura maintains that Kyle never hit him and that his reputation was damaged by Kyle’s story.
In a video deposition aired earlier in the court case, Kyle stated that he did not want to embarrass any SEAL with revelations in the book and did not want Ventura’s name used. Ventura’s name appeared in early drafts shown on a large screen in the courtroom Thursday.
Attorney John Borger, one of the lawyers for Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle, described the early version of the book as a “rough draft,” with DeFelice conducting additional interviews “to nail down details.”
Ventura’s attorneys pointed out other elements in the drafts of the book and in tapes and transcripts of phone conversations between Chris Kyle and DeFelice that indicated that Kyle gave different versions of what happened on the night of Oct. 12, 2006.
According to the documents, Kyle told DeFelice that he punched Ventura in the eye, Ventura fell and hit his head, and Ventura appeared on television several days later with a black eye.
No evidence has been introduced in the trial, now in its eighth day, that Ventura was struck in the eye, hit his head or that anyone later saw him with a black eye after the incident in a Coronado, California, bar.
Testimony could wrap up Friday, and the 10-member jury could be deliberating by early next week.

He’s just an ordinary guy, burning down the house.

Fire officials said a West Seattle man on a quixotic quest to rid his home of a vile spider ended up torching his abode on Tuesday evening.

The man told firefighters that he saw a spider in his laundry room and decided the best way to take care of it was with a lighter and a can of spray paint. He set his wall on fire, then the blaze quickly spread.

Man Burns Down House Trying To Kill Spider With Homemade Flamethrower

The building, which is a rental home, will cost roughly $40,000 to repair… It will cost another $20,000 to repair or replace the contents of the home.

The Red Cross is finding temporary housing for the man and a woman who lived with him.

This isn’t the first incident involving spiders, open flames and incredibly poor judgment. Back in June, a Kansas woman set fire to her house in pursuit of a wily arachnid.

She told authorities that she used a lighter to ignite some towels in the hopes of killing a spider.In 2012, a California man set fire to his home while attempting to clear cobwebs with a blowtorch.

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