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Drago Hood

I am sick and tired of it. How many times do we have to clarify this?
Zub is NOT one of us. Zub is NOT like us. We are NOT like Zub.
I just wonder what it is that people can’t see through his scams. What he knows about our (SEAL) community is more from what he was told by real Team Guys then from what he experienced in the Teams. To me he is just a BUD/S graduate, who went afoul with SEAL Team shortly after reporting there, and left in disgrace. He doesn’t represent us. He knows NOTHING about SEAL Teams. He is a disgrace.
At this point there is nothing we can do to fix what Zub stole, scammed or swindled, but it is our moral obligation to the people who trust us and support us veterans. We must warn and protect people from this crook who is using the respect given our Trident as a way to prey on people’s desire to support veterans. As it has been said many times, we tried to help Zub behind the scenes, and that tactic only resulted in more and more people being scammed and hurt. Enough is enough.
He wont change, so we need to change the game and make it public. Please share it wide.
Now you have been warned!

P. M. Hancock
3 hrs
Try the facts, just the facts on Zub and only Zub… give the facts to the police and/or NCIS (can they intervene if he is scamming Gold Star families?), call DPS and give em a heads up, then copy every PD from Moore OK to TX with a copy and a POC. Give em names and phone numbers of folks who were scammed along with $ amounts. Anything else is just gossip. Contact every WC Team guy and family with a simple – Do not give him money, beer or a bed to sleep in and SOMEONE who has some years in AA 13st step him and see if he is open to getting sober and making amends. Those are my suggestions. Anything other than full legal pressure gives him wiggle room and really he needs to hit bottom before he will get sober anyway.


Robert Guzzo
My response. Because Zub’s kids need to know why.
“Before you come at me, you need to sit down with your dad and have him tell you honestly why this is all going down. What roll has he contributed to get a good portion of the SEAL community involved. My part in all of this, is that I lost my son 18 month ago. A son you say your dad loved as a brother. So explain to me Tommy, why did your dad rip us off of cash that was to be spent on my sons funeral? That’s not all of it. Before I continue this conversation, you need to have a heart to heart with your dad about his actions concerning my son. People who love people don’t exploit, con or rip them
off when they have passed or in a position of trust. And remember this, I am only one story of hundreds where your dad has stolen, cheated, or scammed them out of money or destroyed their property. He has continued to put himself in these situations regardless of the many verbal interventions we have tried and the many chances he has had to correct his ways. To add insult to this entire mess your dad continues to pimp our Trident as a means to continue to con people out of their money. A fair warning, if he continues, we will go public and document all his transgressions to be presented to a higher authority, and to the legal ramifications of exploiting money from one person to another using electronic means or wire. Well that can only get ugly on a federal level. So before you go cursing and making idle threats, you only need to look as far as your own father for explanation. That is if he can be honest to you or himself.

Donny Bassett
As requested by Drago, here is my interaction with Zub. Last summer he and or his son Tommy stole from me. He got high with his son Tommy (16yrs old at the time) and some teenage kids.
Zub sat and had beers with a scumbag who was bad mouthing SEALs and other military saying :”..over paid, should pay their own health insurance, and that they are far from heroes… They should try working for a living instead of being welfare whores draining society.” I got up and walked out but Zub stayed as the guy was buying him beers.
Zub and Dana were both in on a scam for a fake job that had me move out to California. There was Nothing there at all. Dana is Evil, a psychotic pathological liar. They are or were at the time close friends and they put me in a very bad circumstance that I was lucky to have friends and family to get me out of the jam. Some of those friends are here in this group.
Zub also told me he never saw any action was in for only 4years and was part of an SDV team not a SEAL team.

This car was supposed to be raffled off, Tickets sold at $50 a pop… to this day he still has this vehicle. So where did the ticket money go ?


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  1. Larry Wilske says:

    I had no idea Zub was anything more than a fat guy that had his shirt off too often. To hear that he is ripping good families off acting as a predator is dishonorable. How can I be of service in this pursuit of justice?

    On a side note, SDV Team Operators are SEAL’s and please don’t dishonor the hardest and most demanding job in NSW (SDV’s). I’ve had 5 platoons in SDV’s and 9 deployments at “Regular” SEAL Teams; while the missions are different the men with green faces in SDV’s are 100% SEAL and tough as nails.

    V/R Larry

  2. Mark Siciliano says:

    Never before have I found it necessary to negatively comment on a former Navy SEAL until now. William Donald Zub is a complete disgrace to the Trident, the Teams and the families and friends that support our way of life and our rich heritage. He is the absolute antithesis of the SEAL Ethos and in no way embodies the spirit of what is commonly known among us as the “Brotherhood.” He has proven to be a fake and a phony, often pimping the Trident to unsuspecting victims and portraying himself as a “retired SEAL Senior Chief” and “service connected disabled veteran” that is down on his luck and just requires a “little help” to get back on his feet, usually in the form of cash. In reality, it’s part of a deceitful lifestyle in which he preys on innocent, good natured patriots who want to help a former Navy SEAL who is struggling to make ends meet. He has no problem cashing in on the families and friends of fallen SEALs, often making a big show of how tremendously hurt he is by the loss of a “brother” when in reality he is only there to take advantage of free booze and collect money for some far fetched fund raiser where he is the benefactor. People across the country have taken him in, fed him, loaned him money (which he never repays) and then vanishes only to cash in on his next victim.

    I’ve watched him raise money for a boat that he named the “Lee-Monsour” after two fallen heroes where no one benefited but himself. Then there was his dog, Tryp, who was gravely injured while Mr. Zub was passed out in a drunken stupor. Pictures of the poor animal plastered all over Facebook and over $10,000.00 donated to pay the vet bills. I’m certain he hasn’t paid any taxes on that chunk of money, and gladly accepted donations well after the vet bills were covered. Then there was the fund raiser for deploying and returning SEALs to buy beer, because after all a six-pack is so damn expensive. Recently, he started his Tryp-Tryp “WARDOG” effort to raise money for service dogs. Don’t be fooled. These are nothing more than fraudulent scams from someone who is a master at pretending to be something that he is not– This man is NOT a Navy SEAL; he is not a member in good standing of our Brotherhood, and he is only out for himself.

    MDS BUD/S 108

  3. Chris Moline says:

    This is more than a case of stolen valor for vanity’s sake.
    Glad to see the polish coming off this turd.
    Semper Fi

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  5. William Easterly says:

    Somebody should message Don Shipley, he has a pretty popular youtube channel entirely for exposing people like this.

  6. NinjaMike says:

    Benjamin Smith is the younger version of Don Zub. He even ran Zub’s dog scam a few months ago with a lady friend of his on Facebook. He’s got a new “charity” which asks for donations so he can ostensibly coach vets from the “battlefield to the boardroom.” This is from a guy who does not have a Combat Action Ribbon, never made it past a FOB and has never held a job outside of his very, very short time in the Navy. There’s more than one turd out there pimping the Trident. It’s a shame Zub has carried on his cons for so long and been allowed to get away with it by people who knew the truth about him. Smith is doing the same, preying on Gold Star families and people who support veterans. I have lost so much respect for the SEAL community because it seemingly sits by, keeps quiet and let’s these punks take advantage of well-meaning people. How many people have gotten hurt and ripped off by these swindlers because no one wanted bad PR? It’s shameful. “We must warn and protect people from this crook who is using the respect given our Trident as a way to prey on people’s desire to support veterans. As it has been said many times, we tried to help Zub behind the scenes, and that tactic only resulted in more and more people being scammed and hurt. Enough is enough. He wont change, so we need to change the game and make it public.” Exactly, and well said.

  7. Michelle says:

    I am a female, a good looking female and recently met Zub . He has been pursuing with much persistence.
    He was nice enough , but there was something that didn’t sit quite right with me

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